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Bauschmidt was established in Estonia spring 2012.   The start was a flying one and we invoiced 3 M€ already during the first 8 months of operations.  Next year, 2013, rapid growth continued and tunover reached 12 M€.  Year 2014 Bauschmidt expanded to southern Baltic neighbours. In Lithuania we extended and renovated shopping center RYO in Pavevezys and in Latvia we built an extension to FAZER bakery in Ogre.  Year 2014 group turnover reached already 21 M€. 

By the end of 2014 Bauschmidt companies had already completed 24 projects and establised itself as a reliable contractator in the Baltic market. Year 2015 we started to look at possibilities to expand from building construction to infrastructure and road construction.  At the end of 2015 Bauschmidt acquired the oldest Bridge Construction company in estonia, K-Most.  The company, now renamed Baumost, brought us extensive experience and know-how in road and bridge as well as heavy construction in general.  Baumost is now continuing its work as an independent group company.  Year 2015 the group continued is steady growth and total sales reached 27 M€.

Current year 2016 has been very active.  We have established a new croup company, Bauinfra, for the road and rail sector.  Bauinfra is currently reconstructing a 16 km tramline for the City of Tallinn.  Contract sum of that project is nearly 20 M€ making it the biggest project Bauschmidt group has has so far. 

This year, 2016, we have also started operations in Finland. Our first project in Finland will be a residential project of 73 apartments.  We have also continued rapid growth. Total budgeted turnover for year 2016 is already 40 M€ and value of the order book for the coming year exceeds 45 M€. “

Baushmidt Group is employee own company. In all countries we operate the local management is a shareholder of the company. Therefore we have owners from all Baltic countries and Finland.  Despite the four different mother tongues our mamagement has, majority of the key personnell shares common background.  Most of us have worked long time for the Finnish construction industry either in Finland or in the Baltic states.   Because of this joint history all Bauschmidt croup companies in different countries share the same way of thinking and doing things. It allows us to share recourses between Baltic countries.  Now we can add Finland to the countries we can share the recourses among. 

We are trying to concentrate into what we know best: managing construction and projects.  That is also what we like to do and what we want to do.  The composition of our staff shows it also.  Excluding Baumost which has it’s own workforce Bauschmidt Group employs 118 people and out of those 85 are construction engineers.  Everything else that we can we outsource to the specialists.

We are building our company as if it was a professional sports team and we really wish to build a dream team! We want to build!


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Mait Schmidt

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